January 2024

When the State exercised its option to purchase the proposed animal shelter location at 390 Main Street, it inadvertently added money to the project. We are now looking for an appropriate location including potential properties that are not town-owned. We feel that this is a game-changer so please stay tuned. 

We were once again the 4th quarter leaders in Thyme & Seasons promotion, Tokens for Charity. Thank you ACOs Barbara Godehjohn and Sarah Roberts for picking up a $250 donation in my absence. 


Most of you know that I am recovering from spine surgery. What the pre-surgical MRI revealed was that besides my fractured vertebrae, I had a growth on my spine. The growth was cancerous and was removed during the surgery however, post-surgical tests have revealed I still have cancer cells in my spine. I’m not going to sugarcoat this. For it to spread to my bones (spine and hips) it is Stage 4 Metastatic Cancer. This is apparently what compromised my bone strength allowing a burst fracture of my vertebrae to occur. I underwent radiation treatments around Thanksgiving and am on a lot of medications. I have a great support system, and I’m in no pain, but the medications pretty much have me somewhat fatigued. The reason I’m sharing this is that while Gimme Shelter is still very much active, I do not have the bandwidth to coordinate any in-person Winter or Spring fundraisers this year.

Instead, I am going to have a birthday fundraiser for my 67th birthday. For 2024, I am asking 101 people to donate a minimum of $20 to Hamden’s Animal Shelter Gift Fund to raise $2,024 towards the first-ever Hamden Animal Shelter.
The first-ever Hamden Animal Shelter is a project very near & dear to me. The policy of renting kennel space in nearby communities started in 2005. The town now allocates $70,000 annually just for rental fees. With all the money spent over the years, we could have had a shelter instead of subsidizing the tax base of neighboring towns. 
  • If you are out of town and would like to participate, you may donate online or by mail to the Hamden Police Department. Instructions are at https://hamdenct.viewpointcloud.com/categories/1084/record-types/6457 
  • If you are local and wish to partake, you may use the above two options -or-  you may drop off your check in person at the front desk of HPD at 2900 Dixwell Ave., Hamden, CT 06518.
Please write “Animal Shelter Gift Fund” in the memo line on all checks
and “attention chief’s office“ on all envelopes.