February 2024


I would like to thank everyone who participated in my birthday fundraiser earlier this month. I am sorry but we do not have the complete list of donors yet. Below are the people who made their donations to the Hamden Police Department ONLY. We have not received the list of online donations, made to the Town Hall, yet. While this is both frustrating & embarrassing, we understand that Birthday Fundraisers are a new concept to Town officials and some kinks need to be worked out. However, we are at a loss on why we have not been able to get an updated total for the Animal Shelter Gift Fund since our first request on February 9th. What we have so far is that these people made their donations to HPD:
   • Joanne Phelan, Hamden 
   • Marisa Taddel, Hamden 
   • Cindy (Gamber) Reid, Greensboro, NC
   • David Farrell, Hamden 
   • Paws’ N Effect, LLC, Hamden
   • Jamie Guite – (cash)
   • Carolyn Kelly, Hamden 
   • Roberta Crupi, Newnan, GA 
   • Paula Schneider, Hamden 
   • Monica Mesner, Hamden 
   • Diane Addario-Depalma, Hamden 
   • Kenneth Ney, Hamden 
   • Marlane (Musano) Savage, Naples, FL
   • Nancy Follis, Norwalk CT 
   • Linda Matson, Hamden
   • Rebecca Wetmore, Hamden
   • Susan Muto 
   • Patty (Doran) & Greg Hird, Hamden
   • Rose Mentone, Hamden
   • MaryAnn Flanagan
   • Frank & Alexis Rinaldi, Wallingford
   • Joan Parrotta, Hamden 
   • Linda & Robert Davis 
   • Shirley Kripps, Clearwater Fl
   • Patricia Ferber, Hamden
   • Chris Towle, Scarsdale NY
   • Carole Rogers, New Haven
   • Jeremy and Andrea Asnes, New Haven
   • Jo-Ann (Esposito) Harlow, Hamden
   • Lisa & Doug Jameson, Wallingford
   • Janie (Carlin) Darlin, Torrington
   • Marie Greger, Hamden
   • Jane Silvestre (In memory of Norma Rapisi)
   • Martha Stubbs, Hamden
   • Jamie & Dian Viesselman, North Haven in memory of Callie)
   • Terry Dagradi, New Haven
   • Tina Newman, Hamden  
   • John Zaleski, Hamden 
   • Theresa Anthony, Hamden

Thank you for your contributions! We will update the full list of the online donors, including the total amount raised, on our web/Facebook pages and in next month’s mailing.


Alicia Watley Photography is having a promotion to benefit the Hamden Animal Shelter Gift Fund. You may contact Alicia for a portrait of your dog. The portrait will be automatically entered in an online elimination competition next month, which coincides with the men’s NCAA basketball tournament. 16 dogs will collect prizes as they advance in the tourney. For details contact Alicia Watley Photography at: info@aliciawatleyphotography.com.  

While our in-person fundraising is on hold until summer, Gimme Shelter Hamden is providing donation boxes to local merchants. 

The way it works is when the donation receptacle is full, you write a check directly to HPD. Then Chief of Police, Edward Reynolds, sends you an official thank you note that you may display to show your investment in our community. Gimme Shelter Hamden also directs our supporters to businesses that feature our new donation boxes – like the one pictured above at True Love Pet Care.

Remember you do not necessarily need to be an animal-related business. Pet people transcend every demographic. So if your business would like a donation box, please contact lenny@gimmeshelterhamden.org or Hamden Animal Control.