October 13th Results

Our kickback from the event at Cafe Ibiza last Thursday was $1,425.

Whether you attended in person, ordered take-out, or even shared our flier; thank you to all who participated.

The patience of our attendees was appreciated. I think we maxed out what that tiny kitchen can produce however Cafe Ibiza is working to accommodate larger crowds.  Gimme Shelter wishes Cesar Arboleda and the Cafe Ibiza staff best wishes at their new sister restaurant Bistro Latina, opening soon on Whitney  Ave. (at Skiff Street) in North Haven.

Thank you also to musician Frank Lind, who comped his fee for the cause. I personally feel we get too much credit for these events. All we do is create the platform. It is community-minded people like Cesar, Frank, and last but not least, the attendees – who make these events a success.

This was the last of 5 restaurant nights this year. The Mayor’s office was represented at every event, and last Thursday marked our first promotion ever attended by a current Police Chief. It just feels like things are finally coalescing. 

The check for $1,425.00 will be dropped off at HPD tomorrow for deposit into the Animal Shelter Gift Fund. Thank You