January 2023 Update

Animal Shelter Gift Fund Update – Hamden’s Animal Shelter Gift Fund ended 2022 with $33,682.78. (Please note that this only represents donated funds, not the total funds available.)

Thyme & Season – Gimme Shelter was the 4th Quarter leader in Thyme & Season’s in-store promotion; Tokens for Charity. Hamden’s Animal Shelter Gift Fund’s first donation for 2023 was from Thyme & Season for $250. A second check was received from their sister store, The Common Bond Market, in Shelton, for a second $250 donation. That totals $500 from Tokens for Charity. Thank you Thyme & Season Natural Market.

Donations – The Animal Shelter Gift Fund also received donations from the following people: 

  • Jason “J.O.” Smith (mail-in donation)
  • Carole Rogers (online donation)
  • Jenn Marlon, on behalf of Max (online donation)
Max Marlon

Thanks to all who continue to support Hamden’s Animal Shelter Gift Fund!