Animal Shelter Update (Dec 2019)

Merry Christmas Mayor Leng

We are proud that your family chose to rescue its pets. Unfortunately the reason that Hamden residents like yourself adopt pets from neighboring towns, is that Hamden has no centralized animal control facility of its own. Most families like yours, prefer to interact with potential rescue pets first to get a feel for their temperament  – especially when children are involved.  
Your endorsement of a Hamden Animal Shelter last July was revoked in the fall for other town needs. We feel that when you frame one project against another, there will always be a loser. Hamden was recently “gifted” a building on Sherman Ave. Why not dedicate that free building for a future Hamden Animal Shelter? It is never going to get better than “free.” Our charitable organization is willing to start grant writing to retrofit that building. This would leave limited town funds for other projects on your radar. 

All we need is a location, a blueprint for a minimum 15-cage facility and a price tag. Hamden has nothing to lose by funding this from outside the tax base – except $30 per night rental fees for every pet in Hamden’s possession. Let’s give Hamden’s abandoned animals a chance to also spend the holidays with loved ones.

Hamden Animal Control Update

As of today, Hamden taxpayers are paying rental fees for 6 dogs and 3 cats, in the Town of Hamden’s possession, that are scattered at various locations.