November 2020 Update

Because Hamden was not affiliated with a shelter since May of 2019, State officials recently informed our town that it was out of compliance. 

Until a permanent solution is found, Acting Chief John Sullivan brokered a  1-year lease to return to the North Haven Animal Shelter.  

In the meantime the 250K that was borrowed to expand Brooksvale Park, has been resecured for an animal control facility.

Lastly a Construction Committee was recently formed. Site selection has started with the narrowing down of over 100 parcels owned by the Town of Hamden. The first cut should be the easiest – eliminating sites in unrealistic locations, no water/sewer access, etc…  What we have been collectively waiting on for this project to move forward (since 2005), is the naming of a site, contractor and a construction starting date. Although we’ve been here before, we are cautiously optimistic  that this will occur before Hamden’s current 1-year lease runs out in October 2021.  

Donations are still encouraged. We realize that there is a lot of hardship out there. While we are not asking anyone to live above their means, if you plan on donating during this season of giving – please consider the Animal Shelter Gift Fund as one of your recipients. We’re not looking to break the bank, but a $25 or $50 contribution lets the town know that voters remain interested in this issue – which will need to be addressed just before Hamden’s 2021 Mayoral election. Checks should be made out to the  Town of Hamden –  Animal Shelter Gift Fund, and mailed to: 

Animal Shelter Gift Fund
c/o Hamden Police Department
2900 Dixwell Ave.
Hamden, CT 06518
Attention: Acting Chief John Sullivan

Donations receive an official acknowledgment from the Hamden Board of Police Commissioners. If your donation is a holiday gift, please include the recipient’s name and address that your donation is being made in behalf of. 

Stay Safe,

Gimme Shelter – The Hamden Animal Shelter Initiative