Gimme Shelter’s 2017 Results and Related Press

Gimme Shelter donated $6,500 towards a new Hamden or Regional Animal Control Facility during our inaugural year of 2017. In addition we inspired individuals who could not attend our events to mail donations directly to the town. People like Kathy Shea at Paws ‘N Effect actually took it to the next level by executing their own fundraiser for the cause. However the biggest news of the year is when Hamden’s Legislative Council approved an Animal Shelter Gift Fund at their Dec. 18th meeting. All funds will remain in this account which may only be used for an new Hamden or Regional Animal Shelter.

It has been said that the longer something stays off course, the greater the course correction is needed. It is in that vein that Gimme Shelter would like to thank 2017 Mayoral challenger Salman Hamid. Abused & abandoned animals have no voice of their own, which helped keep this project stagnant for some 15 years. We would like to echo the sentiment of Mayor Leng when he thanked Mr. Hamid during the October debate (WELI, Vinnie Penn Show on 10/4) for putting the spotlight of the 2017 election on this long-neglected issue. Sal Hamid might have lost the election but he is a winner in our eyes. For all of you who have lost faith in our political process, a functioning government willing to work across party lines is alive and well in Hamden CT!



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Jan. 2nd Press Release: Hamden Establishes “Animal Control Facility Gift Fund”
Affirms Commitment to a New Animal Control Facility

HAMDEN – Mayor Curt Balzano Leng is very pleased to announce that the Hamden Legislative Council recently approved a resolution authorizing the creation of Hamden’s first “Animal Control Facility Gift Fund”. The gift fund was established as a response to members of the community who wish to provide in-kind and monetary donations to the Town of Hamden for the purposes of creating an animal control facility.
This action is the next step in affirming the Town’s commitment to the establishment of a new Hamden or Regional Animal Control Facility, and acts as a mechanism that allows interested parties to help make this goal a reality. All expenditures from the gift fund must follow the Town’s procurement process, and be solely used for purposes of a new Animal Control Facility.
Mayor Leng commented, “I am incredibly gracious for the outpouring of support shown for an Animal Control Facility in Hamden. This new fund will allow our residents and supporters to directly help with our goal of establishing a new, permanent Animal Shelter for our Town.”
For further information, please contact Information & Research Officer, Patrick J. Donnelly at (203) 287-7009 or by email at


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