Funding February Recap:

We started February with a restaurant night at Cafe Ibiza Tapas & Wine Bar. Sales on that Tuesday night were $2,600. Our donation from the restaurant was $520, we also received two checks in the amounts of $20 & $30. The total turned over to the Animal Shelter Gift Fund for this event was $570. 

Next up was a birthday fundraiser. The Hamden Animal Shelter Gift Fund does not have an online link yet, so we tested the waters by picking Hamden’s rescue group, Where The Love Is, as our recipient. Our goal was $650.  The online donations were $1,020 plus we received a check from Naples, FL ($20) and a cash donation ($25) which brought that total up to $1,065. 
In all fairness, the Mayor’s office agreed that we need an online link for donations. One was created but it went to the families who were displaced from the 20-unit apartment fire on Feb 14th, first. Our thoughts & prayers are with those 50 people, including children, who lost everything.

Valentine’s Day was also the kickoff for our Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookiepromotion. Moon Rocks is donating 15% of all Gift Baskets sales to the Animal Shelter Gift Fund when you use the code HAMDEN at checkout. 
To date; gift baskets sales were $347.90 so our donation is up to $52.19. *Remember that this promotion is continuing so take a moment to browse their unique gift baskets here.

Please allow 3-5 days for CT orders, longer for out-of-state deliveries.

Last was our Mardi Gras Fundraiser on February 27th at Twelve Percent Imports. The brewery hosted an afternoon of live music from the Rob Glassman Acoustic Quartet, complete with authentic food and complimentary masks & beads.

The Twelve Percent team donated a portion of the proceeds from that day. That check for $900. will be delivered for deposit into the Animal Shelter Gift Fund this week.

That totals $1,522. for Hamden’s Animal Shelter Gift Fund and $1,065 for Where The Love Is Animal Rescue.

“Mayor Garrett, as the date from your 100-day pledge approaches, we humbly and respectfully await your guidance.” Gimme Shelter Hamden