Aunt Chilada’s Restaurant; April 22, 2017

90 people filled Aunt Chilada’s upstairs Cantina to eat and a enjoy a live performance by the band, Savile Row. Another 60 people ate downstairs and gladly presented our flyer with their payment. The sold out event did not stop another 20 from ordering take-out for their families.

The downstairs register rang up $1875.00 with our flyer, the upstairs Cantina rang $2238.00 (no flyer was needed). $4113.00 x 20% = $822.60 minus the $100 we contributed towards the band’s compensation equals $722.60. Aunt Chilada’s generously ’rounded up’ and cut a check to the Animal Control Gift Fund for $750. We also collected $340 in our donation jar which brings our initial contribution for this event to $1,090.

A big thank-you to the Aunt Chilada’s staff, specifically owner Charlie Hague and manager Doreen McNeil who were extremely helpful and generous at every stage of the planning process. They also gave us visibility on their web page plus they secured the event posters and banners free of charge. When people were declined reservations from the sold-out event and showed up anyway, the staff never lost their professionalism and positive attitudes.

Let’s not forget that we could not have been this successful if it wasn’t for Savile Row lowering their price to accommodate us. You may find them on Facebook at Savile Row of Hamden.